Creamy Chicken and Noodles

Wow, I didn’t have it in me to cook anything today, up to and including chopping or slicing or julienning or whatever the fuck normal people do when they cook. So, slow cooker it is again! Are you sensing a theme? Good, because this is my life. As little effort as possible, as much deliciousness as I can get.

So, again, I forgot to take a picture until I had scarfed down like half of my plate. I’m very legitimately a younger, less successful version of Liz Lemon; nothing gets between me and my food. So, here’s a picture of what it looked like after I ate most of it!


Right, anyway. Super easy, here’s how I did it!

You’ll need:
3 chicken breasts
2 cans of cream of chicken soup (who the fuck actually eats this soup though??)
3-ish cups of chicken broth
1/2 stick of butter
As much salt, pepper, garlic powder, and/or hot sauce as you’d like.
Some delicious egg noodles

Okay, so put the chicken in the slow cooker, and then just put all the rest of the stuff EXCEPT the noodles in. Cook the shit out of it on low (like 5-7 hours), shred up the chicken, and then throw the noodles in. Cook it for another 30 minutes, et voila, you’ve got some creamy deliciousness.

I was so wary of trying this because I was afraid cream of chicken soup would make the whole thing super gross, but it turned out to be so good! Everyone approved, and it was added to the “I could make this again” list!

Happy cooking!


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